Melbourne always worth the Punt

By Matt Mitchell

Ah, Melbourne, it’s clear to see why you’re consistently voted the world’s most liveable city (as of yesterday, four times: Bang!).

You’re chic, sophisticated and edgy. If you were a Hollywood actress, you’d be Angelina Jolie; everybody loves you and, clearly, the world wants to be in a long-term relationship with you.

Yes, you may get a bum rap for your weather and your allegedly bleak winters but , seriously, it just makes it even easier to enjoy your unparalleled shopping, arts and – well – being inside.

Punthill Manhattan Melbourne (3)

And if you’re going to be inside, then do it with style! With 13 properties across Australia’s first capital, Punthill Apartments is the leader in short and long-term stay apartment accommodation in the city. The group has three properties in the CBD with the remainder hugging the city in close proximity or conveniently located in key hubs.

Punthill Manhattan Melbourne  (1)

Punthill’s ‘Manhattan’ is uber cosmopolitan with its New York warehouse style, yet located in the Paris end of the city centre on the ultra cool Flinders Lane with everything within easy walking distance.

Apartment stays come with their own unique benefits including more room and well-equipped kitchens that allow for self-catering if you, somehow, want to cook for yourself rather than spoiling yourself in Australia’s capital of cuisine.

Punthill Manhattan Melbourne (2)

Apart from its affordable rates, The Manhattan features one, two and three-bedroom apartments along with indoor gymnasium, spa, full kitchens, internal laundry, separate living areas and WIFI.

So live it up in the most liveable properties in the most liveable city. On. Earth.

Stay: Punthill Manhattan, 57 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Victoria 3000.
Phone: 03 9659 3788
Facebook: punthillapartmenthotels
Twitter: punt_hill

Getting to Melbourne;

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