It’s hard to say goodbye to beautiful Dubai

When it comes to planning a summer vacation, Dubai is gaining a reputation as one of the places to be in the summer months.

The hugely popular Gulf city state has secured its position as the region’s favourite family destination and is launching a major promotional campaign: ”Summer is Dubai”.

Over a 13-week period this summer, international and regional visitors and residents will find something new and exciting every week during June, July and August.


As a city Dubai is built for summer, with world-class hotels, stunning airconditioned shopping malls, world-class water parks, food from every nation and unique attractions such skiing indoors on snow during the hottest months of the year.

With its beautiful coastline, stunning architecture, tranquil parks and welcoming hospitality, Dubai is one destination that has it all – especially with a family focus in mind during the school holiday period.

First-time visitors will find a hassle-free experience, from landing at one of the world’s most modern and efficient international airports, to knowledgeable taxi drivers, tourism information facilities and simple visa entry procedures.

Visitors will sense the city has been built and designed with him or her in mind – a result of the importance Dubai rulers have placed in tourism as a pillar of the emirate’s growth.

There is so much to see and do and experience in Dubai that families will be able to discover something different every day during their summer vacation in the city.

The Address Downtown Dubai and The Palace - The Old Town overlooking the Dubai Fountain

The wide range of hotels and serviced apartments ensure that families can pick whatever kind of accommodation best suits them so they can feel comfortable and very much at home – wherever they come from.

During the summer months visitors will be able to find a wide range of exciting promotions and offers that make the city even better value than ever before; all part of ”Summer is Dubai”.

The campaign begins with the popular Dubai Summer Surprises festival that has played a significant part in positioning the city as a major tourism destination, even during the hot summer months.

During Dubai Summer Surprises, the whole city becomes a playground of edutainment and gives families the chance to lay their hands on shopping bargains.

The festival will be followed by Ramadan in Dubai, a one-month evemt that includes a broad spectrum of unique events so visitors to absorb and experience the spiritual and serene ambience during this important month in the Islamic calendar.

Visitors can receive a true flavour of Emirati hospitality and traditions with Ramadan in Dubai, transforming the city into a cultural hub of events and activities inspired by the values of the holy month.

The “Summer is Dubai” experience will indulge visitors and residents in the joyous ”Eid in Dubai” festivities during Eid Al Fitr.

Terrace with Marina views (1)

Despite being the shortest period within ”Summer is Dubai,” ”Eid in Dubai” has a comprehensive range of diversified festivities that bring together the different cultural backgrounds of Dubai’s visitors and residents as they celebrate in harmony.

Modhesh World is for young people and those young at heart.

This is an indoor edutainment and entertainment park dedicated to Dubai’s ever-smiling, summer mascot Modhesh and may be visied during the campaign’s 13 weeks.

”Summer Is Dubai” organisers are confident the three months of summer will be among the most exciting and varied visitor experiences so far and will confirm Dubai is a seasonal and an all-year round tourism destination, with outstanding value, excitement and lifetime memories.

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