Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

The Disney magic continues to take Australia by storm (or should we say ice storm) with the latest instalment of its Disney on Ice show spectacular, ‘Dare to Dream’. Enchanting the audience, parents and children alike, with the perfect mix of elaborate costumes, intricate choreography, and those familiar heart-warming songs that all the family can sing along to, the ‘Dare to Dream’ cast ticks all the boxes in creating the perfect family evening out.

CinderellaThe show begins in New Orleans where we enjoy a colourfully riotous drink with our favourite princess from the Deep South, Tiana, and her entourage. Next, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck expertly introduce the audience to the land of the quintessential princess, Snow White. A spooky (but very skilled) wicked queen and huge magic mirror chanting hypnotically set the scene for the act which takes us spinning through forests and diamond mines right into the heart of the charming dwarves’ cottage. When we first meet everyone’s favourite ‘seven’ they are deep underground digging gemstones and two lucky children from the audience are invited to climb into the mine-cart and be pulled around the ice rink, high-fiving the dwarves and getting a kiss from Snow White herself!

The show wouldn’t be complete without Cinderella, who’s story is told in the next act. The ugly stepsisters are suitably repulsive and the slipper is suitably sparkly, but it is Tangled’s Rapunzel and her dashing prince who arguably steal the show in the third act with some death-defying aerial dancing that draws awe-inspired gasps from the audience, while tiny faces are spellbound with the wonder of it all.

Tangled’s Rapunzel and her dashing prince

Tangled’s Rapunzel and her dashing prince

But never fear if your favourite princess has not been mentioned here. The show’s finale is a huge White Ball where all the usual suspects appear, including the graceful Belle, Arabian Jasmine, the exotic Mulan, Arial, and a rosy Sleeping Beauty.

With characters, voices and music staying true to the original Disney animated films, during the ‘Disney of Ice: Dare to Dream’ show, you really do feel like you’re sitting amongst old friends, ones that you’ve known through your own childhood and who have now become a pivotal part of your own children’s lives. It seems Disney really is part of the family.