Discount on Eurail passes

Travellers heading to the UK and Europe over the festive season this year will appreciate International Rail’s special 20 per cent discounts on a range of Eurail passes available for purchase until December 31.

The discounted passes include the Global Flexi Pass, the Global Consecutive Pass and the Select Pass; they are available in first and second class. This choice allows different travellers with different rail needs to choose the pass that is right for their particular type of holiday.

Rail travel through Europe offers travellers peace of mind on their holiday by being an efficient, convenient and reliable mode of transportation and giving passengers the chance to sit back, relax and watch the view out their window as they travel from one country to the next.

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The Eurail Global Pass (also known as Eurorail) allows 10 or 15 days of travel to use over a two-month period for travel through 24 countries in Europe, including France, Italy and Germany. Tickets start from $672 a person for first class when two or more people are travelling and is valid for 10 days of rail travel over a two-month period.

For unlimited rail travel over specific periods, the Eurail Global Consecutive Pass offers the best value with rail travel over 15 or 21 days, one, two or three months among 24 countries, with first class rail tickets starting from $571 a person when two or more people are travelling and can be used for unlimited rail travel over a 15-day period.

When travelling in specific countries, the Eurail Select Pass is the most suitable, where you can chose either a three, four or five country pass for five, six, eight or 10 days travel in a two-month period for countries that are joined by a border or by a Eurail participating shipping line. For example, a three-country pass includes five days of rail travel over a two-month period and is from $363 a person when two or more people are travelling in first class.

The Eurail discounted rail passes are valid for travel until March 31, 2014.

BritRail passes are also available with a 20 per cent discount when you purchase by February 14, 2014. These passes are available in first and second class and range from three to 15 days of travel within two months to any destination in England, Scotland and Wales.
Typical of the Britrail Passes is the three-day pass for two months which costs from $247 for second class. There are special prices for children under 15 and a deal for families which allows one child to travel free with parents.

Details, Eurail Passes purchases: International Rail, 1300-387-245 or